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My name is Yasmin Noureldin.

Welcome to my website and my world of interior and furniture design.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or inquiries, I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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About the Designer

Yasmin Noureldin’s philosophy sets the tone for her work – great design should aesthetically marry form & function and hold character. Primarily an interior designer, Yasmin’s creative pursuits also include furniture & product design. 


The spaces Yasmin designs are liveable and reflect those who occupy them. She first seeks to understand her clients and their energy and combines their unique personalities and preferences with design elements. This approach creates spaces with a timeless appeal unique to their owners. 


An accomplished and recognized name in the UAE’s design industry, Yasmin has showcased her work in various exhibitions and competitions, including Dubai Design Week, Art Dubai, and Art Abu Dhabi.


With degrees in management and interior design, Yasmin is experienced in managing interior design projects from the ground up. Her portfolio boasts prestigious projects for GCC Royalties, furniture design, and wall art. 


Yasmin finds inspiration in travel, art exhibitions, and the city of Dubai. Fashion and architecture are also her muses; she explores the stories behind every piece she adds to a space. 


Harmony, balance, liveable elegance, and global sophistication are hallmarks of Yasmin’s work. She designs spaces with curiosity and intent because she believes that those spaces design her clients’ lives.


Let's connect.

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