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The starting price for this design is 3.000 AED only for 3 units.


One Thrive Unit is unique and very individual by color, texture, and material; it's not yet complete. It's beautiful to be connected to more than one. The concept relates to human nature and how we link to one another through relationships, energy, empathy, and connectivity. Thrive is the concept of growing societies, cities, and countries. One unit alone is insufficient and will not show the true potential. It needs to be connected. It needs to grow. 


The design success is when three units of thrive are connected, forming a different shape, like a puzzle with various outcomes.  


Thrive is based on pure geometry, an extruded equilateral triangle of 30cm long with equal angles to form this unique shape. The (30X30X30) triangle was subtracted with a smaller triangle(10X10X10) removed from the center of one of the sides of the larger triangle.  


Thrive can be used as a coffee table or side table depending on the height and number of units to be connected. 


3 piece design, materials are customizable. 


This designer furniture item is made to order, delivery time within UAE takes approximately 3-6 weeks. The price does not include shipping cost.


Kindly note that all order are to be confirmed once payment received. Our payment options are cash on delivery or bank transfer.

Thrive Puzzle Table

This article is made to order, the lead time takes approximately 3-6 weeks.
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